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Examining Your Relationship With Your Body

Where are you in your relationship with your body's goals? Whether you truly have health issues or are stressing about how you look, it is time to stop the self criticism. All of our actions are taken to meet a need of ours. Most times, body image issues are caused by insecurity, self-rejection, and fear of our own feelings. Overeating is usually an attempt to love and nurtures ourselves with food. Undereating is an attempt to create control in our lives when we feel we have none, or an attempt to get love through external validation. The original problem may very well stem from childhood beliefs and choices. Once seen and addressed, these outdated beliefs can be released for new ones that serve us now as young women who get to choose what we think and believe about ourselves. Filling our minds with empowering affirmations is the most sustainable road to health.

Start now by writing these affirmations and posting them somewhere in your home or car and saying them to yourself whenever you are having a difficult moment.

●  I love my body exactly as it is.

●  I am my perfect weight.

●  I am my perfect size.

●  I eat only when I am truly hungry.

●  I am drawn only to foods that truly nourish my body.

●  I give myself permission to eat foods that my body and soul crave.

●  I eat slowly and mindfully.

●  I savor every bite.

●  I release the fear of food.

●  Food digests in my body with ease.

●  The foods I eat rejuvenate my cells.

●  All the food I eat energizes me.

●  I breathe deeply as I eat and digest.

●  I love to move my body.

●  I love strengthening my body.

●  I have respect for myself.

●  I balance my life around work, rest and play.

●  I support love, and accept myself unconditionally.

●  I am happy and peaceful beyond my wildest dreams.

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