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How To Keep A Food Journal!

Food journaling is a method of mindful eating! If you are reading this, mindful eating may be something that you have goals to work on. Food journaling can turn into an unhealthy habit if abused. My personal view on food is that we should not punish ourselves for what we eat, but there is nothing wrong with analyzing what you eat and keeping track of it, similarly what you may do with your finances. You want to know what you are eating and how much you are eating in a day. This practice is NOT for everyone, but if it happens to be for you, here is some more positive and beneficial information!

Food Journaling can:

  • Help you remember what you eat & how much.

  • Help you see how close or far you are from a goal if you track calories. 

  • Help you figure out what times of the day you typically get hungry & make adjustments. 

  • Help you realize if you may be eating out of boredom rather than hunger (this is my biggest issue)!

There are many apps available out there to help you keep track of your calories (if you want to, this is NOT for everyone) and log your food. 

Tips for Food Journaling:

  • When eating, ask yourself why you are eating and if you are enjoying your meal.

  • Make note of the time that you are eating. 

  • Keep thoughts short, you do not need to write a book about food!

That's all!

As mentioned, this method is NOT for everyone, Try it out, if you hate it and it feels like it may decrease your mental health, then by all means, this is not for you and you should STOP! Happiness and mental health is always #1.  If you have any questions about food journaling, or anything at all, feel free to contact me! Contact information can be found at 

Much Love,

Colette :)

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