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First, I would like to say that I know a lot about comparing my body/journey to others, feeling unhappy in my own skin, feeling lost and not balancing my time well. My coaching is based off a model that teaches you sustainable lifestyle habits. HABITS that will last you longer than the "30 day quick fix" you saw an add for on your tv. 


I am a 21 year old, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer who is currently getting her MBA!


I am passionate about teaching people the sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off without restriction. There are no “quick fixes” that consist of insane restrictions in this program. Progress takes consistency that does not happen overnight. Stop putting off your mindset, nutrition and fitness, start making small lifestyle changes and putting yourself first now:)

The Mission

empower busy women to gain confidence and achieve sustainable weight loss without restriction through my Busy Body method. 


I do this by helping you:


  • Take the bullshit and stress out of the fitness industry by educating you on mindset, nutrition and fitness. 

  • Learn lifestyle changes that will help you become your happiest self without hating the process.

  • Boost your energy, focus, and happiness + confidence. 

  • Follow a plan based on your needs and goals. 

  • Balance you nutrition. 

  • REF (Realistic, Enjoyable, Flexible)

  • Promote mind muscle connection.



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