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See what people have to say about working with Cmorrfitness...

My favorite part about the program is having Colette be so flexible with the workouts! Whether I’m on vacation, need to do home workouts, or changing anything in general. This program can be adjusted to all of my changes in routine! 

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My favorite part of the program is that I don’t have to put much effort into the planning and tracking of my workouts and progress. Everything is done for you within the app which is great for people with busy lifestyles! 

I would 1000% recommended investing in yourself with this program. My fitness journey has truly changed my life and made me a much better person. If you can spend money on nice makeup, getting your nails done, or getting your hair done.. you can spend it on your health as well

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I cannot say enough great things! Colette has not only helped me physically but mentally as well! Her passion for helping people become the best version of themselves is beyond all measures. Unlike most trainers, Colette wants to see you succeed in every aspect of life, not just at the gym and is there every step of the way (even in the middle of the night). She is motivated, personable, knowledgeable, relatable, kind hearted and most of all passionate. She is a true inspiration of a coach. 

10/10 Recommend!


I started working with Colette because I felt lost in the gym. Her and her program not only helped me get into shape, but she helped the confident woman I know I am shine through. 

My favorite part of the program was how easy it was to follow and how my progress was monitored. I was able to click each day and have my workout planned, the weight that I should be hitting and directions on how to do everything. It was so simple, I loved it! 

I would 100% recommend this program to anyone. Colette is not only your personal trainer through this process but your friend. She will walk by you and help you through the whole process, making it that much easier to reach your goals. 

Scroll through these incredible transformations!

I've had a roller coaster relationship with my weight for a decade.  Colette's dedication to her health and fitness has been an inspiration to me for years. 


When she received her certificate, I jumped on the opportunity to receive a personalized fitness program from her, and have not been disappointed.  The program is challenging, but not overbearing.  I am so happy with the fast and friendly service she's provided!

Colette understood my health and fitness wants while also keeping my busy schedule in mind. Her workouts are challenging but flexible and are NOT impossible. You put in the work and you feel great after every workout. Colette has shown so much care for me and my fitness journey!

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Not being able to go to the gym was one of my biggest setbacks after coming home. Colette made me an at home plan that was easy to integrate into my everyday routine that still challenged me. If you’re not sure where to start on your fitness journey, this is the perfect place!

Colette has always known that I struggle with fitness and finding the right workouts to do to reach the goals I want. Just in the past few months of using her programs, I have seen noticeable transformations that would have never happened if it wasn’t for her. She is always pushing me and encouraging me through the workouts she provides with her positive attitude.  If it wasn’t for Colette’s dedication and encouragement, I would NOT have accomplished what I have so far.


Working with Cmorrfitness helped me reach goals I thought I would never reach. Between social media and society it was hard to know what “the right approach” was for me. I was always hearing or reading conflicting information. It all felt overwhelming at times. I would recommend working with Cmorrfitness because it helps take away all of the guessing of what works and what doesn’t. It helps all of the trends fade away in the background while you actually work with someone who is fast tracking you with + teaching you what you need to know and do to reach your goals.

Before I started working with Colette I constantly felt tired and run down. Now that I am eating properly and enough, my energy has increased 10 fold and I am able to enjoy my time after work instead of wanting to head straight to my bed!

I gained my confidence back! Not just being more confident with my physical looks but I have more confidence in my ability to try new things and succeed! I have more confidence in my ability to come back from bad weeks and continue what I started! Obviously losing weight is a huge accomplishment also but it doesn't even compare to how big of an accomplishment it is for my headspace to be so much more positive than it once was!

Colette takes so much time to listen to your needs and then creates a plan specified to you. The best part is the amount of education she provides.


When I came to Colette in 2022 I was at my lowest. I was the heaviest I had ever been and miserable. l clicked the link and filled out the questionnaire and met with her. Who knew 1 year later I would still be with Cmorrfitness. She helped me get my confidence back, lose the 20lbs I wanted and fit back into my work pants (which are now too big)  I couldn’t have done this without her.


The reason I would recommend Colette + Cmorrfitness is because she is amazing of course and she truly wants to see you succeed. I highly recommend reaching out if you’re looking to bettering your health. There is no magic pill and it’s not something that happens overnight. It took me a year to get where I am at and this personalized program helped me reach my goals.

My biggest accomplishment within this program was being able to stay consistent during and after this program, finding ways to fit these healthy habits into my busy lifestyle. I also feel 100x more confident in the gym knowing how to use the machines and what workouts I will be doing that day.


If you’re considering this program, that’s enough of a sign! It’s time to take control of your health and accomplish your goals. This program is not just about how you’ll look, Colette provides a tremendous amount of knowledge (macros to meal prep ideas) that will be useful for a lifetime.


Cmorrfitness really does help take the guesswork out of how to eat and how to move - and they do it with a smile and a laugh and so much positivity and encouragement. But don't let their smiles fool you! These ladies are hard asses - they work hard, and they expect you to work hard too! And they know their stuff. Watching Colette talk about how this certain muscle works or Chelsea explaining why my body is wanting to move a certain way - these women blow my mind with their knowledge! It truly is a holistic nutrition and fitness program.

Having that accountability to check in with them each week and get feedback - priceless! I swear Chelsea always knew the right thing to tell me at the right time - even when I didn't know I needed to hear that particular message.


I found CmorrFitness after I had already been on a weight loss journey of my own. I had reached a plateau in that journey where I wasn't sure what was next or what I needed to do to move my health to the next level.

I knew I needed to do something to build strength and endurance but I was completely lost on where to even start.

That's where Colette, Chelsea, and the rest of the Cmorrfitness team came in to play for me. They really helped me set the foundation for fitness training as well as continuing to shore up my nutritional habits. I had so much fun doing the home-based exercises that they taught me, that I felt empowered and confident enough to join a gym! And I love it!!

I have more confidence. I'm not afraid to try things that look intimidating or hard or are otherwise outside of my comfort zone. 

I have energy again, my mood is more even, I have muscles developing all over my body and am gaining muscle tone to look and feel good within my own skin. The confidence that comes from knowing that you are taking care of you and are currently the best version you can be is really powerful! 

Now I don't so much care what the damn scale says because I understand the theory of body recomposition and having to turn on my metabolism and undo years of under-eating before we can work on fat loss. Your process is truly one of learning a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and it comes with so many more benefits than just a number on the scale.


My biggest accomplishment working with Cmorrfitness was losing 10 pounds while gaining substantial muscle & strength at the same time.


I would absolutely recommend this program!! Without Colette's nutrition education and guidelines, I would have continued undereating, failed to develop the muscle and stamina needed to improve my health and fitness, and I 100% would have quit if I tried putting together something for myself on my own. I have worked out at gyms and "dieted" regularly in the past, and this is by far the BEST program I have tried. Colette is a great coach for support and accountability without being overbearing. She is so positive and maintains healthy flexibility with real life interruptions.

My biggest accomplishment from this program was being able to set goals, learning and continuing eating healthy and going to the gym. Mind you I had never set foot in the gym before in my life before starting this program. I was stuck in a place of wanting to learn but not knowing where to find the resources or where to start. Here it is:)

I have so much more confidence in my body than I did 3 months ago, and I am feeling the strongest I have felt in a very long time!


I have really enjoyed having Chelsea as a coach over the last 3 months. She has been a great motivator and has given me some really great ideas and suggestions whenever I have brought a problem to her. We have worked hard on keeping my nutrition on track and creating workout plans that are getting me results. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with her and get myself back on track and feeling great!

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