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I started working with Colette because I felt lost in the gym. Her and her program not only helped me get into shape, but she helped the confident woman I know I am shine through. 

My favorite part of the program was how easy it was to follow and how my progress was monitored. I was able to click each day and have my workout planned, the weight that I should be hitting and directions on how to do everything. It was so simple, I loved it! 

I would 100% recommend this program to anyone. Colette is not only your personal trainer through this process but your friend. She will walk by you and help you through the whole process, making it that much easier to reach your goals. 


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I cannot say enough great things! Colette has not only helped me physically but mentally as well! Her passion for helping people become the best version of themselves is beyond all measures. Unlike most trainers, Colette wants to see you succeed in every aspect of life, not just at the gym and is there every step of the way (even in the middle of the night). She is motivated, personable, knowledgeable, relatable, kind hearted and most of all passionate. She is a true inspiration of a coach. 

10/10 Recommend!

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My favorite part of the program is that I don’t have to put much effort into the planning and tracking of my workouts and progress. Everything is done for you within the app which is great for people with busy lifestyles! 

I would 1000% recommended investing in yourself with this program. My fitness journey has truly changed my life and made me a much better person. If you can spend money on nice makeup, getting your nails done, or getting your hair done.. you can spend it on your health as well

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My favorite part about the program is having Colette be so flexible with the workouts! Whether I’m on vacation, need to do home workouts, or changing anything in general. This program can be adjusted to all of my changes in routine! 


I've had a roller coaster relationship with my weight for a decade.  Colette's dedication to her health and fitness has been an inspiration to me for years. 


When she received her certificate, I jumped on the opportunity to receive a personalized fitness program from her, and have not been disappointed.  The program is challenging, but not overbearing.  I am so happy with the fast and friendly service she's provided!

Mary Jo

Colette understood my health and fitness wants while also keeping my busy schedule in mind. Her workouts are challenging but flexible and are NOT impossible. You put in the work and you feel great after every workout. Colette has shown so much care for me and my fitness journey!


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Not being able to go to the gym was one of my biggest setbacks after coming home. Colette made me an at home plan that was easy to integrate into my everyday routine that still challenged me. If you’re not sure where to start on your fitness journey, this is the perfect place!


Colette has always known that I struggle with fitness and finding the right workouts to do to reach the goals I want. Just in the past few months of using her programs, I have seen noticeable transformations that would have never happened if it wasn’t for her. She is always pushing me and encouraging me through the workouts she provides with her positive attitude.  If it wasn’t for Colette’s dedication and encouragement, I would NOT have accomplished what I have so far.



I’m quite grateful to Colette for being so willing to help me in my confidence journey. She’s a wonderful person with a positively infectious personality! I will always recommend her services!


I loved this program because it helped me gain my confidence, be one with my mind spirit and body, and it helped me make healthy lifestyle changes. I would recommend Colette and her services because she helped me tap into a totally different respect for myself! I have not talked negatively or put myself down in the last 5 weeks and I used to do it every morning. I would always go on social media and see the bodies that I wish I had, and I would put myself down every day and all the time. After Colette’s training I feel like a new person, a happier, brighter, stronger, independent, self-conscious person. I have notices a totally different me and everyone else has, all thanks to Miss. Colette.


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